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Vampire Facial


The vampire facial, also known as microneedling with PRP, is a revolutionary new cosmetic procedure that can help you to turn back the clock on your skin. This non-invasive treatment uses your own blood plasma to stimulate collagen and elastin production, resulting in younger, healthier, and more radiant skin.

How it works

During a vampire facial, a small amount of blood is drawn from your arm and processed to isolate the platelet-rich plasma (PRP). PRP is a concentration of platelets, which are blood cells that contain growth factors that promote healing and regeneration. The PRP is then applied to your face and gently microneedled into the skin. Microneedling creates tiny punctures in the skin, which triggers the body's natural healing response. This healing response includes the production of new collagen and elastin, which are the proteins that give skin its firmness and elasticity.

Benefits of the vampire facial

The vampire facial has many benefits, including:

  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

  • Improves skin tone and texture

  • Fades dark spots and hyperpigmentation

  • Reduces the appearance of acne scars and stretch marks

  • Plumps and hydrates the skin

  • Tightens and lifts the skin

  • Promotes hair growth

  • Reduces the signs of ageing

Who is a good candidate for the vampire facial?

The vampire facial is a safe and effective treatment for people of all ages and skin types. It is particularly beneficial for people who are looking to improve the appearance of their skin without surgery or downtime.

What to expect during and after treatment

The vampire facial is a relatively quick and painless procedure. Most people experience some mild redness and swelling after treatment, which typically subsides within a few days. Results from the vampire facial can be seen immediately, but they will continue to improve over the next few weeks and months.

If you are looking for a safe and effective way to rejuvenate your skin, the vampire facial is the perfect solution for you.

Book your vampire facial today and see the difference!


£300 for 1 Session

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