Excellent Electrolysis Treatments in Gloucester

If you’re looking for excellent cosmetic skin treatments, including electrolysis, choose the team at Beauty Box Gloucester. We provide excellent services to customers, serving those within 25 mile of our base in Gloucester. Call us today to make an enquiry.

Treatment Options

Body Treatments

  • £50 per Session
  • 10 for £300

Facial Treatment

  • £30 per Session
  • 10 for £255

Lipo Line

This treatment uses ultrasonic shock waves to decrease the size of the fat cells and treat localised fat and cellulite resulting in instant inch loss. This non-surgical, non-invasive procedure is the future, as there is no down time, no scaring, and no pain! It’s ideal for:

  • Visible Fat Excess and Cellulite Reduction
  • Oxygenation and Circulation Improvement of the Treated Tissues

Linfogei (Lymphatic and Venous Drainage)

Linfogei works to obtain maximum lymphatic and venous drainage. This system increases circulation, reduces swelling and inflammation, and promotes ideal skin colour and health. It promotes better circulation of the blood and the lymphatic system, which are crucial in maintaining optimal health and shape.

Facial Isogei (Deep Toning and Lifting of Facial Muscles)

The Isogei function uses electrical stimuli to contract the muscle. The purpose of this function is to strengthen and lift the muscles providing visible definition and muscle tone.

Microgei (Anti-Age Micro-Currents for the Face)

Microgei uses micro-current energy to stimulate facial tissue and muscles, regenerating and firming actions on the surface of epithelial tissues. This prevents premature ageing and wrinkles, and encourages skin hydration. It promotes a healthy cellular exchange, cellular renewal and collagen formation, all while improving hydration levels and the skin's luminosity.

Isogei (Deep Toning of the Muscles)

Isogei uses electrical stimuli to contract the muscles. The purpose of the Isogei function is to strengthen and lift the muscle providing visible definition and muscle tone.

Non-Surgical Breast Lifts

  • Firms and Lifts the Buttocks
  • Firms and Tones Arm and Leg Muscles
  • Tightens, Firms, and Tones Abdominal Muscles

Transion (Slimming and Firming)

Transion is a procedure in which electrical stimuli are introduced into the muscle causing it to contract in rapid succession. This twisting and ringing out effect results in instant inch loss. Just 20 minutes of this treatment is the equivalent of approximately 3 hours of concentrated exercise!

  • Helps Reduce Weight
  • Treats and Prevents Cellulite


  • Permanent Hair Removal Treatment
  • 15 Minutes | £15
  • 30 Minutes | £30
  • 45 Minutes | £45
  • 60 Minutes | £60

For further information on our electrolysis and cosmetic treatments, call us, in Gloucester.